Primary Care / Women's Health

Dr. Fortani’s office provides a wide array of services to further assist her patient’s needs.

Primary care services offered include:

  • Women’s Health Services – once-a-year visit for a general health check, including a breast exam, pap smear contraception counseling as needed
  • Sports Physicals
  • Pre-employment Physicals
  • Adult annual wellness examinations
  • Pulmonary function tests – measure the lung function which assists in the diagnosis of asthma, COPD, emphysema, etc.
  • Minor office procedures – including incision and drainage of abscesses, Ear Lavage to remove excess wax, Suture removal, joint injections, etc.
  • EKG – Electrocardiograms are used to check for electrical activity of the heart
  • 24 hour Physician access
  • Same- day appointments
  • Treatment of minor injuries of minor cuts, bruises, and other mild injuries.
  • Geriatric Health assessment and treatment – Dr. Fortani is medical director of Washington Rehabilitation center and has extensive experience in geriatric care
  • Immunizations – Dr. Fortani’s office provides Pneumococcal, flu, and DTaP vaccinations for her patients.

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